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Learn More About Our Sparkle Visors

Create a sparkling, bold look that starts at your head with our running visors. Our headwear is crafted by HEADSWEATS and sold exclusively through Sparkle Athletic. Each hat is made to blend with various styles of running shirts, shorts and leggings so you can create precisely the signature look you want whether you’re running in a local fun run or just handling errands around town, you’ll feel comfortable and look great.

The secret to the high function style of these running visors is in the COOLMAX ® outer shell for each hat. The fabric is a quick-drying blend that has 1/8th-inch flat-laying sequins to bring the shine on each visor. No matter how hard you run and play, your visor dries quickly.

HEADSWEATS designed the band for our line of running visors that is equal parts stylish and functional. The COOLMAX ® created soft terry fabric sweatband keeps sweat from running into your eyes while the fit is firm without being too tight. No more headaches from a visor that fits too tightly. If eye glare is an issue for you, this running hat design considers that with an all-black under-visor to reduce not only glare but also eye fatigue.

If you’re wondering how to choose the size for your running visor, the good news is that one size fits most due to the super stretchy headband. Best of all, because of our exclusive deals, you don’t have to limit your choices to just one visor, take advance of our exclusive deals for the running visors where you can “Buy 5 and get one free” or “Buy 10 and get two free.”

These running visors are available in many diverse designs. Choose solids to blend or contrast with other colors in your outfit. Match your running shorts or skirts with a visor in the same print and sparkle. Whatever your mood, there’s a visor to express it while you run or relax in the sun.