How to Run in Wings

Instructions for how to run wearing wings

We often get asked: How does one wear wings while running? As self-proclaimed wing-running-experts… and it’s surprisingly easy.

In fact, it’s so comfortable we often forget we are wearing wings while running unless we accidentally hit someone with one of them (which may have happened once or twice).

The key to an easy-breezy-wing-running-experience? It’s all in the wing attachment…

Don’t be lured into wearing the elastic arm straps “backpack” style. That’s guaranteed to be uncomfortable & you definitely won’t be flying through any race.

Not to worry, though – proper wing-running-attachment is easy peasy.

How to wear wings while running: supplies

* One pair of Sparkle Athletic fairy wings (available in a rainbow of colors)

* One tank top, preferably racerback. If tank tops aren’t your “thing”, wear a racerback sports bra under your shirt of choice.

You can also wear a “normal” sports bra; however, it’s a little more work.

* 2 safety pins

How to Wear Wings while Running: Instructions

 This is best done with the help of a friend, but attaching wings can be done alone.

1. While wearing your tank top (or racerback sports bra under the shirt of your choice), attach the wings to the racerback using the elastic arm straps.

A racerback tank top or sports bra’s shoulder straps form a “v” or a “t” between your shoulder blades, making it super easy to attach the wings.

If you wear a “normal” tank top or sports bra, attach the elastic arm straps to each of your bra/ tank straps.

Basically, you want to secure the wings to the middle of your back as firmly as possible.

2. Wrap the straps around the racerback several times until it’s tight, making sure to double-knot it.

* If you’re performing this act solo, you may want to attach the wings before putting on your tank top.

* If you’re wearing a sports bra under the shirt of your choice, you’ll want to pull the back collar down as far as possible, & attach the wings to the straps of your sports bra.

3. Arrange the wings in the preferred position/placement on your back.

4. Pin each wing to your tank top or shirt at the top of your back and shoulders to prevent major “wing-bobbing” while running.

* You may want to quickly dab the area where you will pin it with clear nail polish to prevent any major runs in the nylon wings.

5. Once you’ve attached your wings, slightly bend them “backward,” near the top, for aero-dynamics (& to ensure they don’t hit you in the face as you run).

How to Wear Wings while Running: Review

See?! We told you it would be easy-breezy. But, just in case you need a refresher already…

1. Do NOT wear the wings as backpack using the arm straps.

2. DO attach the wings to a racerback tank top or sports bra.

3. DO pin wings to the top of each shoulder.

4. Give the wings a slight bend BACKWARDS to ensure aero-dynamics.

Now, all you need is a little bit of pixie dust (& your sparkle skirt) & you’re ready to wear wings while running.