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#TeamSparkle Twinning for the Winning Virtual Run


Looking for fun and novel ways to stay fit and have fun? Sparkle Athletic is hosting a #twinningforthewinning themed virtual run this weekend. So grab your BRF (best running friend) or two, and coordinate outfits so that you dress alike. We may not be able to physically run together, but this is the next best thing.

Why participate in a virtual run event?

Connect with athletes all over the world: running, jogging, walking, and cycling are all activities that people enjoy for fun and health across the globe. Bring your friends and family in on the fun, stay in touch with your loved ones, and embark on a fitness journey together all at once.

Motivation: races may have been canceled, but running hasn’t. But we understand that sometimes you just need a little extra motivation. Our themed virtual runs might be just what you need to stay the course, and provide a little bit of motivation to set new goals and tackle new challenges with a supportive community cheering you on all the while.

Twinning for the Winning Virtual Run

Participating in our weekend running events is super simple. Here’s how you can join in on the fun:

Step 1

Choose a running location that is safe and comfortable or work out at home! You can run, walk, jog, bike, hit the treadmill, or engage in your preferred cardio activity.

Download a #teamsparkle Twinning for the Winning Virtual Run bib:

twinning-for-the-winning-virtual-run-numbered-bib twinning-for-the-winning-virtual-run-blank-bib

Step 3

Make sure to wear something that fits the theme, & snap some pics and videos and share them on social media! Whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we want to see what you’ve got going on. Tag your pics with hashtags like #teamsparkle, #flatsparkle, and #teamsparklevirtualrun. We’ll be sharing your awesome outfits, virtual medals, and anything else you wish to add to your workout story.

Step 4

Invite friends, family, your running group, and anyone else who wishes to join to get in on the fun of the Twinning for the Winning Virtual Run! The more, the merrier. We want to bring the community together and cheer everyone on during their exercise efforts.

Step 5

Make sure to follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram & twitter), so you are notified when we post your VIRTUAL medal.


Ready to join the fun? Team Sparkle’s twin-themed virtual run is packed with fun, community, prizes, and much more. Contact us online or on social media for more information about our events, community, or apparel.

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