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We want to see how you sparkle! Red rover, Red rover, send your photos right over!

Picture Tips

Have shots of you rockin’ the sparkle? Send it our way!

We’re not square. But our photos are. Be sure to crop your pics Instagram style so we don’t miss any of the action.

Use the caption to tell us everything we need to know about your Sparkle style.

Remember “Mother May I?” Only share photos you own or have permission to use.

Skirts in Action

The members of Team Sparkle shine at events all over the world. We love seeing Sparkle Athletic skirts in action: radiating on race day, twinkling in training, dazzling in dance class, glittering in the grocery store and wherever you may go “in the wild.” Sparkle is the new black after all.

Kristi Kempton
Me! Stephanie Stevenson
Shana Brown
Krista Elwell
Krista Elwell
Sudha Kutty
Shana Brown
Krista Elwell and Andrea Watson
Krista Elwell
Daniell Vecchione
Lucy Lundell
Brady Prutch
Angie Benoit
Jennifer Tyler
Bridget Aubin
Rachel Ellerman
Sarah B, Kara K, Elizabeth W, Keelin H, Candice C
Katie Bolden
Stacy Mullen
Northern Virginia Moms Run This Town at Mother’s Day 4 miler in Reston, VA
Meg Fiandaca
Stacy Mullen
Jenna Anselmo
Breanna, Christi, and Jolea Crow
Fleet Feet Monterey She is Beautiful Training Group / “Team Sassy”
Sonya “Sparkle” Vollmar
Lauren Sickle
Katrina Linker, Gabriela Dawson, Susan Campos, M’Chele Dineen, Liz Hinther, Tracy Stoken, Katie Durney, Julie Loomis, Amanda Baltzell
Monica Boles
Amy Morris
Kristi Kempton
Kathy Byrd
Ashburn, VA Moms Run This Town
Jasmine, Mary, Kalani, Abigail
Lori Smith
Lourdes Serrano
Stacy Mullen
Stacy Mullen
Wendy Humphreys
Maureen Friend and Robert Diaz
Sonya Vollmar & Tammy Hammann
Maureen Friend
Stacy Mullen
Jaime Jackson and Diana Wenrich
Jennifer Tyler
Stacy Mullen
Mila & Shelley
Amanda Phillips and Kara Espy
Christine M
Sarah McConkie
Liz Dunn, Julie Scarpa
Liz Dunn, Julie Scarpa
Stacy Mullen & Cupcake Sprinkles
Shonnel Powell
Laura Narolski
Police Officer Mullen
Stephanie Huffman-Chivis
Reach The Beach NH 2014 – Team 6 Degrees
Diana Wenrich
Meghan Gorny
Stacy Mullen
Becky VanBibber
Stacy Mullen & Suzanne Wilson
Stacy Mullen &
Molly Halcom
Samantha S
Nancy, Laura, Donna, Anni, Julie, Kim, Kristin, Ally, Tiffany
Amy and Sanda
Becky, Jenelle and Trisha
Debra Dangler (Traveling Sparkle Skirt-Pink), Michelle Stewart (Purple Sparkle Skirt), Doug, and Mike
Kim, Shelly, Paige, Alverna, Nicole
Kim, Shelly, Nicole, Alverna, Paige
Erin Troia
Lyndsy S. and Elli Z.
Esmeralda Vicario
Mary Ellen Bragunier-Suarez
Renee from Gurnee
Sue and Dan Smith
Lori Smith
Me, my friend and my two children
Bella Rivera and Jennifer Jenkins
Samantha S
Sarah Trout
Sarah DerKacy
Sarah Trout
Jen Waryjas and Trista Greco
Dianna Seda
Diana Wenrich
Michelle, Suzanne and Noemi
Elyse Deogracias
Elyse Deogracias
Kiley Majeski
Annette Evans
Jennie Hall
Kristy Glass
Lisa Anderson
Glass Girls
Nicole Curry (me) and my fiance Rob Buter
Becky VanBibber and Jenelle Hoefling
Rebecca Coty, Sara Moore, Kaitlin Moore(baby), Natalie Rodriguez (young girl), Brandy Malone, Michelle Rodriguez, Poksun Choi
Jenny Lemons
Debi and Gia
Silvia Posada, Sue Jones, Dawn Chmielewski, Patrick Black, Tami Smolin, Elisa Willis, Bhavna Thakker, Nicole Morales, Fernando Posada
Heather Dotson
Daniella Silva and friends
Debbie & Nancy
Ashley, Brea Brumby, Cheryl
Sonja McCarthy
Courtney Medved, Kelley Asbury, Robin Asbury, Tracy Riffle and Debbie Varner.
Amy, Michelle, Jeanne
Nancy Sjulin
Auerlie Schoemann
Sonja and Lynn
Kim and daughter Makenna
wan & the bean
Kankakee River Running Club
Carrie & daughters
Kelli & Friends
Indira & Tamara
Jennie & Melissa
Team Sparkle Ragnar Team
Michelle, Zeny & Apryl
Kerrie & Alyssa
Melanie, Adrienne & Kelly