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Stand Out as a Team with Sparkly Running Gear

So, you’ve decided to get a group of friends to complete that special race – together.


Whether it’s a breast cancer three day walk, a running relay, or any other race or distance, running as a team, encouraging & cheering one another, is an amazing experience. In fact, we enjoy it so much we created our virtual “Team Sparkle” for that reason alone.


If running as a team is fun, than dressing as a team is even MORE fun.


Maybe one of your team members has thought about purchasing a matching t-shirts so you can all look the same on race day. But guess what? Everyone else will be wearing matching t-shirts too.


Stand out As A Team -1



You might want to think of some different clothing options if you want to be noticed.


At Sparkle Athletic, we know that the right clothing can make you stand out in the crowd. That’s one of the reasons we carry such a large selection of running gear. What’s more, our group discounts on running clothes and accessories are perfect for any team. We offer a buy five get one free, or buy 10 get two free on all items we carry, including:


“¢ Sparkle Running Skirts
“¢ Sparkle Running Sleeves
“¢ Race Legs
“¢ Sparkle Visors
“¢ Sparkle Tanks
“¢ Sparkle Shoe Shwings


You might want to look through our selection of products to get a good feel for how we view running apparel. We are not satisfied with offering just a few different T-shirts and tanks in different colors. We want more. Our sparkly running skirts are specifically designed to be brightly colored and are guaranteed to make you shine. Now that’s a piece of running clothing that will stand out in the crowd!


Designing Your Team Look


Sparkle Athletic offers a large enough inventory to make it possible for you to create a “look” that perfectly matches your group’s personality. What’s more, we also offer a great selection of creative costume ideas that you can use to create your team uniforms for a specific holiday, message, or theme.


Each of our costume ideas includes a list of the items you will need to make it complete.


To design your team look, start by deciding on a theme or determine what type of “message” you want to convey. Then choose a top, sparkle running skirt, sparkle sleeves, race legs, sparkle visor and, if you are really brave, a pair of racing wings for your back.



Stand out As A Team-2



Trust us when we say that running in costume is so much fun you’ll want to do it time and again.


With our selection of running gear, you can create a unique team look for every race your group decides to participate in. Create one costume for the annual breast cancer run, another for the Christmas run, maybe something special for a running relay.


What about the Guys?


Customers often ask, “What about the guys?” A legitimate question if your running team includes those of the male persuasion. As we see it, there are two options. First, your guys might be adventurous enough to run right along with you in skirts with sequins (as we like to say, real men wear skirts). Barring that, the men can choose shorts and shirts in the same colors, and then add of our more manly accessories like power bands, sparkle visors, and yes – racing wings.

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