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Sparkle Your Run to Add the Fun

Just because you are a runner, doesn’t mean you can’t look good, or more importantly… have fun while you are doing it.


You shouldn’t have to choose between feeling athletic and feeling good about the way you look. Luckily, thanks to Sparkle Athletic, you don’t have to.


Our collection of sparkly running skirts, visors, sleeves and race legs will make sure that you shine, whether you are running to win or just running for fun.


Lightweight and super comfortable, Sparkle Athletic gear will ensure that you always look AND feel great.


Plus, you can’t forget… with Sparkle Athletic, you’re not just buying a skirt. You’re joining our team: Team Sparkle, a group of women who know what it means to truly shine. At Team Sparkle, we want you to shine too. So we’re spreading the power of sparkle one skirt at a time.


You will get compliments. You will get stares. Your friends and family will spot you a mile away. But most of all you’ll be motivated and inspired by knowing that Team Sparkle is with you every step of the way. & Every time you see another woman rocking the “sparkle,” you know you have a sister out there with you.




Free to Be You


Here at Sparkle Athletic we encourage our friends and team members to be who they are. If you like the whimsical and playful then choose a sparkly running skirt and some accessories that reflect that. If you have always been a princess at heart, you can dress in whatever way makes you feel like one. If you are proud to be an American, show your patriotism by running in an appropriately themed sparkle gear.


Keep it simple and wear your favorite tank with a Sparkle Athletic running skirt, or perhaps you want to up the ante? Pick and choose from some of our favorite basics (sparkle running skirt, sparkle visors, sparkle sleeves, race legs and shoe showings) to create the perfect running costume.


Remember – you are running for you. So when it comes to deciding “what to wear,” choose something that makes you feel proud of who you are – as a person and a runner.


Team Sparkle in Running Skirts


Not Just for Racing


Is your closet already filled with a collection of sparkle running skirts and accessories? If so, we want to encourage you to use them for more than just racing. No need to wait for race day to wear one of your favorite skirts, or other sparkly gear – it’s also perfect for anytime you are training. We’ve found rocking the sparkle is a great motivational tool when the hard work of training begins to drag you down. After all, sparkle does equal speed, right?!


Okay, so maybe sparkle equaling speed isn’t a scientific fact – but we do know that once you put on a Sparkle Athletic skirt, you feel unstoppable. It puts a little pep in your step, not to mention a smile on your face.


Haven’t you heard? Sparkle is the new black.


So run like a girl. Be loud. Be confident. Be noticed. Be awesome.


Put the fun back in your run – Join #TeamSparkle.

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