Rainbow Racing Wings


You are a super fast kick-ass princess.

And a super fly one too.

With our Racing Wings you are a fairy princess, a butterfly, or a Goth moth — whatever you want to be flying past the competition with Team Sparkle.

Super fast, super sparkle, super fly.

We love to be matchy-matchy, but not all wings exactly match similar-colored Sparkle Athletic skirts. But we think they look fab together anyway.

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What are Racing Wings without a little glitter? Ours have plenty, along with elastic straps that sit snug on your shoulders to let you take flight with a 19” x 19” wingspan.

Can you really run in wings? You bet! Not only can you run in our Racing Wings, you can fly. The key is to follow our “Running with Wings” tips HERE. You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!


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