Lessons from 2020 Virtual Run Series (Medals & Race Bibs)


Races may have been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean running has been. We realize just how motivating “running for the bling” truly can be, which is why we created the #teamsparklevirtualrun series. And now you can get your favorite virtual medals as ACTUAL, REAL-LIFE MEDALS.

You don’t have to just imagine your Team Sparkle Virtual Run medals hanging on your medal rack, now you can earn that bling for real! Participate in our three differently-themed “races” happening in December…let’s end the year on a high note!

Your Lessons from 2020 Virtual Run Series includes:

* “Donut Ever Give Up” sparkly, 3″ die cast Medal
* “Strong Women Make Waves” sparkly Mermaid, 3″ die cast Medal
* Unicorn “Be Awesome” 3″ sparkly, 3″ die cast Medal
* 3 Race Bibs
* Invitation to join a private #lessonsfrom2020 Facebook group & club on Strava (mid-November through December)

Wondering how a “virtual” run works? It’s really quite simple…

1. Choose your location, then run/ walk/ jog/ bike/ roll / treadmill any amount of miles at any pace each weekend, anytime between now and the end of the year. However, we’d suggest you complete your races the weekends of December 5th, 12th & 19th.

2. Share your pictures with the rest of #teamsparkle on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtags #teamsparklevirtualrun, #lessonsfrom2020 & #TeamSparkle. Post pics of your #flatsparkle (the clothes &; gear you are rocking), your medal, your run, and anything else you want to share. Although you may be racing virtually, by posting your pics to our Facebook page, or using the hashtags on Instagram & Twitter – we can cheer everyone on!

3. Make sure to invite your friends, family, &/or running group to participate with you… the more the merrier.

NOTE: Packages will ship in 5-7 weeks.

In stock

YOU will be receiving 3 real, actual race bibs AND 3 beautiful, sparkly, 3″ die cast #teamsparkle medals: Donut Ever Give Up, Strong Women Make Waves, and Unicorn Be Awesome.