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Run Like a Princess

Every February, thousands of runners gather at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for runDisney’s Princess Half Marathon weekend. The weekend features a variety of races for runners of all ages and skill levels. With a name like the Princess Half Marathon weekend, it’s obvious that the event is the perfect “girls weekend.”




If you have never attended one of these weekends, trust us when we say it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. First of all, there’s probably no other place in the world so concentrated with pink and purple, and obviously sparkle.


But more importantly, the weekend brings together mothers and daughters, best friends, and even strangers, all of who… love to run.


Another shocker? Most of women and girls run the race dressed in running costumes. Yes! You read that correctly – running costumes! Some runners wear full costumes from head to toe (generally, but not always princess inspired), others prefer to race in something more simple, wearing a sparkle running skirt and a tiara.


Run with Your Daughter


The runDisney Half Marathon weekend is a great opportunity for you, if you are a mother, to run with your daughter in this special event – . introducing and instilling a love of running in her at a young age. Running together as princesses will not only get your daughter excited about a sport YOU love, it will also help make memories you will cherish for a lifetime.


Plus, what girl doesn’t love the idea of dressing up like a princess?


Luckily, Sparkle Athletic can help you become a princess (or villain, super hero, or whatever you choose) for the day. We have an entire collection of sparkle running skirts, sparkle sleeves, sleeves, race legs, shirts, sparkle visors, sparkle tank tops, sparkle shoe showing and yes, even racing wings!




The best part is you can mix and match to create the perfect costume… create matching mother/daughter running costumes or separate and unique running costumes that reflect your different personalities. It’s completely up to you.


It’s Easy and Fun


You might be worried that running with a costume is uncomfortable or difficult. But don’t worry. We’ve designed our sparkle running clothing to be lightweight, functional, and very flexible. It will not interfere with your performance at all. And in fact, it may help you do better.


Trust us when we say that running in sparkle often equals speed. We aren’t sure exactly why… Maybe it’s because there’s power in sparkle? Maybe it’s because it’s hard to slow down when you know everyone’s watching the girl in the sparkly skirt? Honestly, we don’t know. But there is definitely a little magic involved. Once you slip on a Sparkle Athletic skirt, you feel unstoppable. When everyone is cheering for you, it’s hard not to be motivated & run your best! “Go sparkle!” and “I love your sparkle!” and “You’re a sparkly running princess!” are all cheers we’ve actually heard. Running in sparkle puts a little pep in your step, not to mention a smile on your face.


Running in costume is easier than you might think. And it’s a lot of fun as well. Why not join thousands of other princesses next February in one of the best race weekends on the calendar – . more than likely you’ll run into several other members of Team Sparkle – make sure to say “hi,” or “Go Team Sparkle!”

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