Learn More About Our Sparkle Sleeves

Our Sparkle running sleeves are functional and stylish. These sharp-looking sleeves turn heads your way while you’re running or resting. Wearing sleeves is a great way to reduce fatigue when you’re active and lessens the amount of time it takes to recover after intense activity.

Our running sleeves are made in the USA using a lightweight blend of polyester and spandex for a maximum stretch when you’re wearing these. Wearing sleeves when you’re running or doing outside activities keeps your arms protected from the sun and also lets you sparkle. We have numerous designs to fit every taste, such as polka dots and solid colors to mix and match. Use sleeves to contrast with your outfit or blend using shades of the same color family for a chic look.

The secret to the excellent fit of our women’s running sleeves is in the design. Our super-soft sleeves encircle your arms in comfort while the elastic cuffs at the biceps and triceps give you a non-slip fit no matter how active you are. Care is simple, wash on delicate using a mild detergent or hand wash and do not wring or place in a drying. Lay flat to dry and get ready to sparkle again!

To determine the size you need, measure around your arm in the area of the mid-bicep to find the correct size. If you are unsure which size running sleeves will fit best, just drop us an email and we are happy to assist you.

What’s better than sparkling alone? Sparkling as a group! If you have a running group or you and your squad want to match, take advantage of our group orders. If you purchase five sets of running sleeves, you get one free, or if you are buying ten pair of sleeves, you get two free.