Learn More About Our Accessories

Show off your style and be loud and proud with who you are with our various running accessories. We have a ton of options for you to choose from to add some sparkle to your everyday workouts, courtesy of the folks at Sparkle Athletic! If you’re looking for running accessories that make you feel like a pink princess or a fabulous sparkly goth queen, we have plenty of fun items for you to choose from.

Our running accessories include:


Yes, you read that right. Ready to feel like a superhero on every run? Throw on one of our fabulous, sparkly capes, and you’re ready to go. Our running capes are lightweight, comfortable, and can make you feel like you’re soaring down your favorite jogging routes every day. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like a superhero every day?

Running Wings

If you want to feel like you’re flying, try one of our pairs of running wings! These glittery ensembles are made to make you always feel like you’re not just a superhero, but a fairy princess that’s running to your destination. What’s a run without a pair of glittery wings to make you feel like you’re gliding through your favorite jogging spots?

Power Wristbands

Did you know that sequins are statistically proven to make you run faster? Well, the science isn’t in yet, but if you love sparkles and shine, you’re going to love our fabulous power wristbands.

We even have shoe poms, temporary tattoo packs, cute running belts, and even headbands for you to peruse! Whether you’re an avid jogger or just getting into the joy of running, our running accessories are designed to bring you joy on every run. If you have any questions about our repertoire of accessories, shoot us an email! We’d be happy to help.