Learn More About Our Racing Wings

Want to live out loud while you’re going on your morning run? Team Sparkle has your back. We offer beautiful, lightweight racing wings to make you feel like you’re flying down your favorite jogging paths. These fun wings are just one of many options we have for running accessories, and they’re designed to give you the confidence and fabulousness you need to run your way.

You can find a variety of colors for your racing wings, including green, white, purple, pink, and even rainbow! These super fun running accessories are made of nylon and are designed to be worn comfortably and reliably on every run. Once you know how to put them on, you can enjoy a liberating 19″ wingspan on every jog! Whether your aesthetic is “fairy princess” or “goth moth,” we have gorgeous and fun options for any runner to enjoy. Many colors go well with our running skirts and other gear!

How do these brilliant wings work? Simply use the straps and tie them to your sports bra or racer-back top, and pin the wings with safety pins at the top of each shoulder. If you bend them back a little bit, that can ensure maximum aerodynamic and bedazzling fun on every run. Here’s another tip for your wings: wherever you have them pinned, add a dab of clear nail polish, and it will prevent any runs or other issues from developing with the nylon material.

Zoom past the competition with our high-quality and super fun racing wings. If you’re looking for great group deals, we offer those, as well. If you want more information about what we have to offer, just shoot the Sparkle Athletic team an email, and we’ll be happy to get you the answers you need to make an informed purchase.