Learn More About Our Race Legs

Looking good and using practical items when you’re active are not mutually exclusive ideas. Take good care of your legs when you run with Spark Athletic compression socks. And these are not what you might think compression socks look like. These are designed to be bright, vibrant, and fun while delivering a comfortable fit and compression where you want and need it. Choose socks with Christmas lights to turn up the spirit at a holiday fun run, show your love of donuts or be a patriot with red, white and blue with stars. There’s a pair of socks to match every outfit.

Our compression socks are available in a myriad of styles and exclusively made in the USA by PRO Compression. They use a blend of nylon and spandex that delivers a firm fit and high fashion. The socks perform true graduated compression, which increases the blood flow in your legs. This gives you more vascular efficiency, which equals better running performance and faster recovery from intense activity. One of the main benefits is that compression supplies your muscles with more oxygen and enhances lactic acid removal, which lessens the chances of cramps after running.

Wear them under leggings or crops, with running skirts or shorts for a fun look. When you’re choosing a size, these compression socks are sold by women’s shoe sizes from six to ten. The reinforced toe and heel makes them long-lasting and durable. One size fits most feet. If you are not sure about the size to choose or you fall between sizes, drop us an email, and we will be happy to help you select the perfect pair of socks. Care for these compression running socks is simple. After wearing, toss in the washing machine and use cold water only and then air dry.